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Artificial Lawns - Installing for all of Ohio

We offer residents of Columbus artificial lawns, golf greens and other applications made from the most realistic and durable artificial grass in the industry. The fact that our synthetic lawns and putting greens set such a high standard for the synthetic grass industry and are so popular with residents of Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Lexington, Louisville and more is no accident. The SYNLawn approach has always been one of constant research, development and innovation, and over 40 years since our inception we are still creating grass synthetics that have rendered the “fake lawn” look a relic of the past. If you are interested in changing your natural grass to artificial turf, we can introduce you to a variety of styles that will accentuate your outdoor space while maintaining a perfect look and feel year-round. Learn more about our environmentally friendly, cost-effective product line today!

SYNLawn has been in the business of creating synthetic turf products for over four decades. In that time we have learned a thing or two about what makes artificial grass look and perform its best. The evolution of our products continues to this day, and their popularity extends to a number of Columbus synthetic lawns close to you. In fact, our products are all around you in the form of:

The state-of-the-art nature of our products wouldn’t amount to a thing if we didn’t create installations that speak to the unique visions of our customers. We are practiced at the art of listening, and will incorporate your vision into our design as we go about upgrading your outdoor space.

Did you know that our products require no watering, fertilizing or yard work of any kind, and are 100% recyclable? It’s true! It has always been our goal to reduce the environmental carbon footprint of traditional landscaping while fostering a culture of customer service excellence, and we're proud to say we've accomplished both objectives. Make our Columbus artificial grass products a part of your home or commercial facility.

You may reach SYNLawn of Ohio at (888) 796-6446. We look forward to the opportunity to help you revolutionize your outdoor space courtesy of the industry’s most innovative synthetic grass products!

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